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Welcome to our little corner of the Internet! We’re glad you’re here and that you found our home on the ginormous world wide web. We’ve been waiting for you.

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You’re a busy lady. We get that. Often, as Christian women, we find it difficult to do what God has called us to do. We have many challenges, but three of the biggest are:

1.       Talking to God through daily prayer

2.       Reading the Bible regularly

3.       Telling others about Jesus who don’t share your faith

These things can be overwhelming, and we feel we aren’t living up to our calling as Christian's if we aren’t doing them. We become disconnected from God and lonely in our Christian walk.

That’s when Christian Women’s Corner enters stage left!

We are a resource for women who love Jesus and want to walk in His will for their lives.

CWC was created with you in mind and brought to life by Alicia Bowyer. Allow me to come out from behind the scenes and introduce myself.

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I’ve been a born-again believer and Jesus follower for over 40 years. It’s embarrassing to admit, but I struggle with what I call “The Big 3” things listed above as well.

Like you, finding time to pray and talk to my heavenly Father is difficult.

It took me well over 40 years to read the entire bible.

And sharing Jesus with others who aren’t believers is a scary and intimidating thought.

But, we’ve all been called to do these things, and we should consider them a privilege to do so!

Never fear!

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We’ll do these things together, and I’ll be happy to journey along with you right by your side. Friendly accountability and community will be a huge part of our time together. We use our private CWC Club Community for that and, you can join our community here.

Take your time working through this website and come back often. There are many resources to support you here, and more are being added all the time. To get you started, I’ve listed “The Big 3” struggles that most Christian women deal with lower down this page and how to overcome them.

I’m incredibly excited to be on this journey with you and am happy you’ve decided to join us here in our little corner of the interweb at the Christian Women’s Corner!

Grace and peace,


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