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Christian Women's Corner Facebook Group

The Christian Women's Corner private Facebook group was created with you in mind. CWC’s goal is to provide and facilitate encouragement, accountability, and community for Christian women. I hope that you will see our corner as a support and guide for you in your Christian walk as much as I do. I want you to feel comfortable inviting people you know to our community as well!

Christian Women's Corner Facebook Group

The CWC private Facebook group includes both Christian Women's Corner and Good Morning Girls resources.

 What is Good Morning Girls? 

Good Morning Girls meets online daily to keep each other accountable in God's word and in prayer as we read through the Bible cover to cover just one chapter a day. 

You can sign up for our private Facebook group by clicking on the green button below.

After you join the Christian Women’s Corner ~ Good Morning Girls Facebook group, you will have access to daily accountability to help you read through the Bible, one chapter at a time. And don’t we all need that!

There are no specific times we have to meet or places you need to be to use these supports. You read and study when you have time during the day or night and check-in with the group as you can throughout your day or night.

There is also no homework to do and we get weekends off. Our only goal is to read through the Bible. We are committed to working around your busy schedule, and that’s why I love Good Morning Girls so much!

All are welcome to join us anytime, so don’t wait to start when a new session begins. Just jump right in! There are no requirements to subscribe or enroll.

We regroup a few times a year. Usually, it is in the winter, spring, summer, and fall. This allows a graceful bow-out time for women who need to leave our group, who might have studies going on in the local Church, or who cannot commit. This also opens the door for new women to join in.

Please Join Us!

I’m excited and hope you will join our private Facebook group to start reading the word of God daily and have the accountability to keep up this habit and read through the entire Bible with us.

Free online bible studies for women have become very popular because they offer flexibility and accountability for your daily quiet time. You’ll feel connected with a group of women who share the same love of Jesus that you do and will be able to share as much or as little as you want with them.

Currently, we are working through a 4 week study on the book of Galatians. Don't worry if you're joining us and we have already started a study. You can begin right away and don't need to catch up on anything. Please feel free to join us and invite your friends!

Not only will you get Good Morning Girl resources, but you will get Christian Women’s Corner updates and resources as well. These things are meant to keep you fed and help support you on your walk with Jesus.

If you'd like a more in-depth explanation of our private Facebook group and what we offer there, you can check out this page>> Free Online Bible Studies For Women: An Introduction To Good Morning Girls.

Click the green button below to join our Christian Women's Corner ~ Good Morning Girls private Facebook group.