God Is Close To Your Heart

(Memorize Psalms 34:18)

God Is Close To Your Heart

In life, we all suffer from heartbreak at one point or another. The heartbreak could be from losing a beloved pet, a best friend, loss of a job, or losing a loved one who went to be with Jesus. The loss could be a marriage that ended suddenly or the destruction of your home from a fire or storm. 

Sometimes the loss is within yourself if you feel you failed in some area of reaching a goal or dream. Maybe you missed an opportunity that you think you may never get again. But for some, the loss could be a wedding that was called off or a cross-country move that didn't happen. Loss is loss and should never be dismissed as not being painful or crushing. Loss hurts us and can leave us bewildered and questioning. But God has such a beautiful word of promise that will comfort your heart. 

We find this promise in the book of Psalms. Let's look at this promise. It says...

"The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit." (Psalms 34:18) NIV

The preciousness of the heart of God towards us is so generous in this passage of scripture. 

This verse is special because it talks about your broken heart, one of the most precious things you have. Have you ever experienced a life-altering, earth-shaking, heart-breaking situation? Have you ever been rejected or felt forgotten? You know the pain and intensity of that moment or moments in your life if you have. You may have been tempted to isolate or even hide from people at that moment. You may have felt like you didn't want to be around anyone. Pain causes us to isolate ourselves. 

Sometimes when we get an injury in our physical body, the pain can be so bad that we don't want anyone to come near that area or even touch it. Pain protects. 

But our Lord knows us and our pain, and He promises to come close to your heart when it's torn apart, broken and shattered.

First, remember that God is the God who comes near to your place of pain. He won't let you isolate yourself from Him. He draws near to you. 

Second, the verse promises that the Lord will save those crushed in their spirit. He will save those crushed by life, crushed by burdens, crushed by situations. You may even feel that your problem is smothering the very life from you. If so, the Lord says in this verse that He will save you. 

I believe in His promise, and so should you. You are never alone in your brokenness. You are never without saving in the crushing times. 

Commit Psalm 34:18 to memory using the scripture memory journal below to practice writing and speaking this verse out loud until it burns into your mind that God is a God that saves and comes close to your heart. Answer the guided questions provided to help you reflect on His promise to you until your heart is put back together as only God can do. 

Rest assured, God will come close to your heart. 

Grace and peace,


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