Be Still And Know

(Memorize Psalms 46:10)

Be Still And Know

Have you ever thought about being still, really still, and what you can learn at that moment? Most haven’t because we are people used to movement and activity. We don’t even connect the two things because stillness to most means doing nothing. But that is so far from the true meaning of the word. 

Just saying the word “still” makes you feel calm and peaceful. There is a verse in the Bible that is a beautiful promise of knowing God when stillness comes. He says…

“Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10 (NIV)

The word stillness invokes sensing of a gentle breeze brushing against your face or the act of not moving. But is this what the word really means in this verse? I want to show you that this word is more profound than you know.

Stillness is something we all need, but we find it hard to achieve because life is full of movement. Still is a verb in this verse, and we know verbs mean action, doing something, which means movement.

The word “still” is the Hebrew word raphah. It means to sink down, relax, to let go, let drop, lose your grip, slackening your grip. So, this word means you are to do something. Do what? You are to let go of your situations and circumstances, loosen your grip on them, relax, and let your guard down. More importantly, it also means letting go of the outcomes too!

Being still is not passive. Being still is where you know God personally. The Bible says this is the way to know Him. It means you come to Him with all your stuff, and you set it at His feet. You are to let go of your grip on your marriage, kids, career, finances, etc. You are to relax your grip on your life issues. Let go mentally of putting your mind on things and the outcomes of those situations.

In this verse, God is saying, if you want to know Him as God, let go (or be still) of all you know. Then, in that stillness, you will “know” Him as God, as you have never known before. Being still teaches you to surrender. It also teaches you that God can be known. To know Him as your God, you must let go of your life. Trust the outcome He has for you and live in that. 

As you surrender yourself and all your problems to Him, you get to know the God that can handle all of that. That will increase your trust in Him as you walk in this discipline.

Commit Psalms 46:10 to memory using the scripture memory journal below. Practice writing and speaking this verse out loud until you have the words secured in your mind and heart that God is the God of your still place, and knowing Him can be found in that stillness. Answer the guided questions provided to help you reflect on His promise to you.

To be still and know God is such a blessing.

Grace and peace,


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