How To Bless Others With Your Business

How To Bless Others With Your Business

If you were asked why your business exists, what would you say? What would be the reason you gave for starting and continuing to sell your product or service?

Many Christian entrepreneurs say the purpose of their business is to glorify God and support their families. These are both excellent reasons to run a business, and indeed, it does honor God when you conduct your business fairly.

But there’s a hidden third reason that a business should exist—to bless others. It’s not enough to merely say you want to be a blessing or that a particular cause is near and dear to your heart. You must put these thoughts into action.

In James we read,

26“As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead.” (James 2:26)

The meaning of this passage is not that you must earn your salvation. If you have trusted in Christ as your Savior, then you are eternally secure in the Father’s hand (John 10:27-30).

This Scripture means that those who are indeed the Father’s children will display it through their good deeds. It’s not about being graded—it’s about having a heart that is so filled with the Father’s love that it can’t help but overspill into the lives of others as kind deeds.

Let's discover how to bless others with your business.

We have a printable worksheet available to help you begin to use your business to bless others. Click >>here<< for the worksheet.

What Sets The Blesser Apart?

Jennie wanted to quit her job so she could spend more time with her twin boys. So, she began to look into work-at-home opportunities. She heard about the virtual assistant industry and knew it’d be an excellent fit for her.

She started a website, began blogging, and became active on social media. But after almost six months, all she had were a handful of low-paying clients that didn’t seem to respect her. She was frustrated and wondering whether she should give up when she met Anita, a coach for virtual assistants.

Anita was offering a complimentary discovery session to prospective clients, so Jennie took her up on the offer. During the call, Jennie shared her frustrations about becoming a virtual assistant. While they were talking, Anita reviewed Jennie’s website and social media accounts. She explained that Jennie wasn’t serving anyone but herself.

Blessers Delight To Serve

“Your business does exist to honor God and make money, absolutely,” Anita shared, “But it should also be about serving your community. You need to discover how you can help your clients rather than chasing dollars aimlessly.”

Blessers in business are entrepreneurs that want to do more than making a profit—they want to make a difference, too. Whether you’re serving your clients as a virtual assistant or selling digital products and memberships, you can practice radical giving. 

Blessers Are Focused

Jennie signed up for coaching with Anita later that week. Even though it was a significant investment, she knew Anita’s guidance could help her grow her business. The first thing Anita did was work with Jennie to discover the types of clients she wanted to work with.

One thing that sets blessers apart is their focus. That’s because those who want to bless others know who they want to serve. They have a target flock in mind that they’re excited about giving back to and are passionate about serving them.

Blessers Invest In Others

What Sets A Blesser Apart?

Once Jennie knew who her ideal clients were, she made a list of places where these ideal clients spent time online, including Facebook and LinkedIn groups. Then she joined these communities and began investing time in them.

She answered business questions, joined in the discussions, and made sure to welcome new members. As Jennie put her roots deep into the groups, she began finding her ideal clients and earning a much higher hourly rate.

She asked her coach why she was getting so much positive attention, and Anita said, “When you’re generous with others, they want to be generous in return. Kindness always comes back to you.”

Being a blesser in business doesn’t mean that you never make a cent or that you have to work for below average rates. You can honor God, earn a lot of money and still be a giver. It just means that you’re dedicated to your clients and customers. You’re willing to go the extra mile, and you genuinely care about the community you’re serving.

Develop The Spirit Of Blessing

When it comes to being a blessing in business, you have to develop a spirit—or a mindset—that encourages generosity. 

In Philippians, Paul encouraged the Christians on what to meditate on, saying, 

8“Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things.” (Philippians 4:8)

Your emotions and actions will always follow the direction of your thoughts. This means that you want to root out mindsets (thoughts) that keep you from becoming a blesser in business. Here are three lies to watch out for…

Lie #1: There’s Not Enough to Go Around

When you believe that there is a limit to the money or goodness available, you can approach every situation with the belief that you must hoard things. You have to hold tightly to your money, your time, and your gifts. 

Instead of telling yourself, there’s not enough to go around, embrace the belief that there’s more than enough to share. 

This starts with an understanding of how limitless your God is. In Psalms, God shares this fascinating revelation with His people… 

9“I have no need of a bull from your stall or of goats from your pens, 10for every animal of the forest is mine, and the cattle on a thousand hills. 11I know every bird in the mountains, and the insects in the fields are mine. 12If I were hungry I would not tell you, for the world is mine, and all that is in it.” (Psalm 50:9-12)

When you live with the belief that your Father already owns everything and that you, as a child of God, merely have to cast your eyes upon Heaven and ask for provision, it changes how you approach your business and your money.

Suddenly, you find yourself with more resources than you can count, not because your circumstances have shifted. But because you know the One who generously blesses you each day.

Lie #2: Helping Others Shine Means I Can’t Shine

It’s easy to think that if other people are awesome, you can’t be awesome, too. That’s because most people imagine the world as a small stage where only a few genuinely gifted entrepreneurs can show off their talents.

But in reality, the stage is big enough to support everyone. In fact, your brand or product could be exactly what someone else needs. Instead of viewing other entrepreneurs or brands as your competition, see them as your friends. Going solo is lonely, but a journey with friends? That’s so much fun!

Make an effort to connect with other entrepreneurs who are serving the same flock as you. Get to know them, and observe how they bless others with their businesses. Proverbs explains, 

17“As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.” (Proverbs 27:17)

By spending time with other entrepreneurs, you create beautiful partnerships and reaffirm that God can bless you regardless of how many people are already in your niche.

Lie #3: I Need to Take on Every Client or Project

When you don’t understand the provision available to you as a child of God, you might be tempted to take on every client or project that comes your way. This often stems from the fear that you might lose out on money or experience if you don't.

But the problem with this approach is that it keeps you from doing your best work. If a project comes along that’s not a terrific fit for you, say no. When you do this, you open up room in your business for projects that truly light you up.

You are also sending out a message that you trust God to provide for you and your family. You don’t have to squish through a window. He can open doors you’ve only dreamed of!

Developing a spirit that blesses others isn’t something you can do overnight. It often takes a few months of practice and support from a loving community of like-minded business owners. But rest assured that if you stay focused, you can learn how to bless others!

3 Questions to Ask to Become a Blesser

How To Bless Others With Your Business

Mandy had built a successful online business as a web designer, but she found herself wanting to stretch and grow. She was hungry to do something new and when she came across the idea of becoming a blesser in business, the idea resonated with her. 

She shared it with her mastermind group and asked for suggestions on how to bless others. Another member, Linda, advised Mandy to ask three key questions to determine how she could radically give…

What Do You Know?

Sometimes, giving back can be as easy as creating a list of things you already know how to do. For example, if you’ve set up membership websites for your clients, you may already be familiar with software like aMember Pro. You could browse Facebook groups and forums to find users asking questions about this software and answer them.

Don’t think this is just about the software you use, though. You’ll also want to consider what skills you have. If you’re great at copywriting, you could review another entrepreneur’s sales page and give her feedback on improving it.

Who Can You Help?

You may already have an idea of the community you’d like to help. When Tricia got started online, she was a single mom with a tiny budget. As she looked for a way to give back, she would take other broke single moms under her wing. She’d spend a year with her intern, teaching her how to put together an online business.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can only help a narrow demographic. You can give back to anyone you choose. But if you’re feeling led to support a specific community, lean into the Spirit’s direction and trust it.

How Can You Assist?

Sometimes, helping others may be simple, like converting a file to a PhotoShop format for a business friend that isn’t skilled at graphics the way you are. In other situations, though, you may find yourself wanting to give more in-depth help like mentoring or coaching someone else. 

But before you commit to helping others, consider your own life and what season you’re in. If you’re in the middle of a huge move and you’re about to welcome your second child, you probably don’t have time to mentor someone else extensively. That’s OK. 

There are plenty of ways to give back that don’t require investing a lot of time. You can write a ‘thank you’ note to someone who helped you grow your business, promote a product offer for a struggling solopreneur, or join a giveaway event. 

Becoming a blesser is fun and energizing. It can give you ideas for new websites, inspiration for your current projects, and help you spot fresh solutions for your clients.

How to Bless Others In Your Online Community 

Arielle was committed to being a blesser in her business, and she wanted to build a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. So, she started looking online for groups that she could join. 

She found one Facebook group filled with positive, encouraging posts from members and decided to join. Once she was accepted into the community, Arielle focused on doing a few key tasks…

Answer Questions from Members

When another member posted a question about publishing a blog post to her WordPress website, Arielle responded and explained how to do it. She even linked to a helpful tutorial she found on YouTube.

Someone else wanted to know which landing page software was the best. Even though Arielle wasn’t using software for her landing pages, she did some research and shared the three most popular options. 

Share Your Journey with the Group

Arielle didn’t just focus on helping other members. She also openly shared her journey with the group. She posted about searching for a new WordPress theme. Then posted again when she’d decided on one that fit her needs. 

As she was installing the theme, Arielle asked a question about customizing themes and received several responses. She finished the edits to the theme then posted a link to her new site, thanking everyone that helped along the way.

Try a Test Run for Someone Else

Dana posted to the Facebook community that the shopping cart software she’d just installed didn’t appear to be working correctly. So, Arielle took a few minutes to test out the cart and created an account on Dana’s site.

Arielle wanted to share what she saw with Dana, so she used Screencast-O-Matic to quickly take a screen capture. She uploaded the video to the site and shared it with Dana so she could see exactly where in the order process the error occurred.

Welcome New Members

Whenever Arielle saw new members join the group, she made it a point to welcome them. Then she went on to ask about their business and who they enjoyed working with. This gave her a chance to get to know new members and meant Arielle knew who to refer clients to when they needed a specialized service or product.

Arielle went a step further and would follow up with newbies after a week. She’d listen to their ideas, ask about their goals, and share suggestions if they were stuck on a particular project. 

Create A Thriving Community

Within a few months, Arielle had built a strong network of entrepreneurs she could rely on. She loved being able to support them and receiving encouragement in return.

If you’re like Arielle and want to give back to others, consider joining an online group. Then actively participate and engage with members so that you can build your own thriving community. 

How To Bless Others with Your Content

One simple way you can practice being a blessing in your business is to be generous with your content marketing. Instead of making all of your content focused on you and what you can do, focus on providing value to your readers or listeners. Here are a few easy ideas you can use to create content that serves…

Curate Content from Other Bloggers

Don’t be afraid to tell your community about the bloggers you admire or link to their amazing content. You can’t serve everyone, and even if you could, that would quickly get exhausting. There’s more than enough attention and applause to go around, so take some time to focus on content curation.

Curating valuable content lets, you share brilliant ideas and fresh insights with your community. Plus, it gives you a chance to introduce your flock to experts in your niche that they should follow.

Interview Industry Leaders

Another way to practice blessing others in your business is to interview industry leaders. You can do this through podcast episodes or by creating webinars where you feature an authority on their area of expertise.

When it comes to interviewing others, create a list of questions. Try to avoid questions that can be answered with a simple yes or no. 

Instead, make sure your questions invite detailed responses from your interviewees. Generally, questions that start with “How…?” or “Why…?” get the most interesting answers and can create thought-provoking conversations.

Add A Bonus to a Great Product

When you find a product, you’d like to promote to your community, go the extra mile and give back. Offer a juicy bonus that only your buyers will get. This bonus could be a short report, an audio course, access to an upcoming webinar, or any other product you can think of.

The important thing to do with this is to make sure your bonus is relevant to the actual product being sold. For example, a great bonus for a product all about Facebook Advertising would be 50 Facebook-ready images.

Promote Others on Social Media

Don’t be afraid to use social media to promote others in your industry. If you’re reading a great article that is challenging the way you view your niche, tweet about it. If you stumble on a funny video that you think your community will relate to, share it on Facebook. 

Make sure to tag the original creator on social media so they’ll see your promotion and be encouraged. You also want to do this so your audience will be able to click through and follow the thought leader you’re linking to.

Therese Kienast of Radical Leadership recommends that online business owners create more content. She says, “Don't wait, create!” If you wait, you’re less likely to follow through and publish excellent content.

Instead, try to capture inspiration the moment it strikes. If you can’t right then, try to do it as soon as possible. This will keep your enthusiasm and energy revved up as you create and share your new content. 

A Symbol and a Source of Blessing

Zechariah reads,

13“Now I will rescue you and make you both a symbol and a source of blessing. So don’t be afraid. Be strong, and get on with rebuilding the Temple!” (Zechariah 8:13 ) NLT

To be a symbol of blessing means that others can point to you and your business and say confidently, “Look how faithful their God is!”

To be a source of blessing means that others can point to the actions in your personal and professional life and say confidently, “Look how generous their God is!”

This should be the goal of every Christian entrepreneur: to be both a symbol and a source of blessing. Go forth and confidently bless others with your skills, abilities, and resources!

Grace and peace,


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