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Newsletter Issue #003 -- Our July 2022 Newsletter
July 01, 2022

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July 1, 2022: CWC Newsletter Issue #003

In This Issue:

~We have a special blog post about when God is doing a new thing. Has God been doing a new thing in your life? See it as a blessing!

~ You'll also receive the latest news in our Good Morning Girls Facebook group.

~ We wrote a short devotion about how and why prayer matters.

~ Free Stuff! : An amazing grace coloring page.

Blog Post: God Is Doing A New Thing

If God is doing a new thing in your life, it’s time to throw a party. Rejoice because the God who watched over the nation of Israel is watching over you! Click here to read >> God Is Doing A New Thing

Latest News In Our Good Morning Girls Facebook Group

This Monday we are starting our fourth week in our 7 week 2 Chronicles Bible study! We will begin week four Monday morning at 7am with our posts which include the daily scripture reading, SOAK study, reflection questions, and Bible coloring.

Here is a link to this Fridays weekly wrap-up blog post from Courtney>> 6 Lessons From The Life of King Asa

If you have a friend who would like to join us please invite them! We would be happy to have them and even though we have already started the Bible study, they can start any time. Here is the link to our Facebook group sign-up page>> CWC Facebook Group Page

Please read the following devotion about how and why your prayers matter.

Your Prayers Matter

“So Peter was kept in prison, but the church was earnestly praying to God for him.” – Acts 12:5, NIV

Peter was imprisoned by King Herod. The evil king had already killed James and now he planned to execute Peter. But while the king was plotting, the followers of Jesus were praying.

The night before Peter was to go to trial, an angel appeared in the cell with him. Peter followed the angel out, supposing that this was a vision or dream. But what happened was real. Peter must have laughed as he hurried down the dark streets, looking for his friend’s house.

When he arrived, he told the servant that he was Peter. The servant reported this to those in the house and they laughed at her. But she was insistent and eventually others went to investigate and found Peter waiting on the porch.

Sometimes, we feel powerless to help hurting friends or family members. We think we can’t do anything but that’s not true. We can pray for our loved ones that God would intervene in their situations.

As you wait for God’s answers, continue to seek Him and strive to honor Him with your choices. The Christians in Peter’s story continued to meet together and pray, despite how grim the circumstances must have looked.

God, when I’m tempted to focus on how powerless I feel, remind me again that prayer is powerful. Help me to stand strong in moments of temptation and continue to worship You no matter what’s going on around me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Many of you in our CWC community love coloring! We have a great free download for you today that you can print off, and color in. This downloadable PDF is one 8 1/2x11 sheet to color in that has "Amazing Grace How Sweet The Sound" written on it.

Below is a picture of the coloring sheet.

Please click the Amazing Grace Coloring Page link to download your PDF.>> Amazing Grace Coloring Page <<

Grace and peace,


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